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Get ready for beach season by offering fun accessories

Get ready for beach season by offering fun accessories

Going to the beach is one of America’s favorite summer pastimes. May is right around the corner the temperatures will soon be rising, causing many people to flock to the beach and work on the tans they’ve been neglecting all winter. It’s important for merchandisers to think about their beach bum customers and offer supplies that will make each journey to the shore a hassle-free excursion.

Beach bags
When heading to the beach, many people like to bring multiple items, as they plan to spend the day soaking up some rays. Beach bags are a great way to keep everything in one place, and retailers will want to make sure these large totes are on prominent display. Stuff a few of the beach bags with something stiff to really show how much each tote can carry. Using hooks and some string, present the beach bags right in your window displays. It may also be a good idea to buy some mannequins for sale and place the bags on their shoulders to show off how well they complement a beachy outfit.

Sunglasses are a mainstay for beach weather. Everyone wants to shield their eyes from the bright sun, and store owners will want to prominently feature these shades in the shop. By purchasing some head forms, managers will be able to show these accessories in action. Everyone prefers their own style of sunglasses, so buying different face-shape head forms to showcase the array of sunglasses is a great way to show what works best on each face type.

Although every home has some kind of towel, the beach variety is a must-have. These are typically extra large, big enough to fit at least one (if not two people) lying comfortably on the sand. In an effort to easily pick out one’s spot on the beach, it’s important his or her towel is unique. By offering a wide variety of colors and patterns on each of the towels, you’re sure to help your customers stand out in a crowd of beachgoers.

These are just some of the items store owners can have on hand for beach season. To decorate properly, be sure to have bright colors around the store to give off the feeling of summer.