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Get organized for spring

Get organized for spring

Retailers across the country are dusting off their gondola shelves and rearranging their display cases in preparation for spring. As you’re doing your spring cleaning this year, you should focus on not only making your store look neat and tidy, but also getting organized. Part of being a successful manager or store owner is running a smooth operation, so strong organizational skills are a must.

Go virtual
If you still use paper to manage accounts and finances, then you’re living in a bygone era. If you are a bit intimidated by the idea of moving your store operations online, you’re not alone. But technology has come a long way, and there are many easy-to-use applications and computer programs out there that can help you manage your business, even if you’re somewhat of a Luddite. Additionally, certain apps could help you save or make money. For example, you can use social analytics apps to analyze how your customers are interacting with your online presence, or use a budget tracking program to find areas where you could be cutting costs.

Is it time for an upgrade?
If you haven’t purchased any new store fixtures in a while, it may be time to upgrade. There may be hangers, hooks, or mannequins for sale that can display your wares in a more organized and appealing fashion. Take at look at your current fixtures to see if you can find any room for improvement, and purchase new ones accordingly.

Hire or promote an “efficiency ambassador”
Is there an employee at your store who is always on time? Does he or she know exactly how your display tables should be organized for maximum flow? This person may be just the ticket you need to get organized for 2013. Promote the employee to the role of efficiency ambassador, and allow him or her to make changes in the store to optimize your space and time. If you don’t have anyone in-house who has excellent organizational skills, then you may want to look into agencies that offer freelance efficiency consultants.

After the fact
When your spring cleaning has come to an end and your store is looking neat and organized, take advantage of your hard work by using it to drive sales. Send out a tweet or Facebook post with a picture of your new look attached so customers can see that you’ve gone above and beyond to improve their shopping experience.