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Get more out of your retail employees

Get more out of your retail employees

If you are a manager at a retail outlet, making sure your employees are putting their all into their work is a big undertaking. In order to keep your store a friendly and welcoming place to shoppers, you must be certain that your staff members are happy, efficient and on board with all of your marketing and merchandising efforts. Here are a few ways to get more out of each employee you hire:

Happy employees are good employees
As a member of the management team, you are the conduit between the sales employees and the higher-ups at your company. As such, it's up to you to ensure that all members of the team are happy in their jobs. This means directly asking each person about his or her job satisfaction as well as conducting meetings with everyone to gauge the overall attitude of the workers. If you find a problem amongst any team members, then you must make fixing it a priority, whether that means finding a new role for the worker or addressing the issue with your own manager.

Creating specialists
Workers want to feel needed at their job, which is why creating specialist roles can be a very good idea. Allowing your staff members to use their particular skills on the job will keep them engaged and prevent boredom among the team. The first step to creating these roles is assessing what your workers are good at. Is there a woman on staff who can create the best display tables? Perhaps her new title could be "Merchandising Expert." Do you have someone who puts together the best outfits on your adult and child mannequins? He may become your "Fashion Guru." Get creative with these titles – sometimes it may be best to let the employee have input on what role they'd like to take on. 

Get feedback from shoppers
You can also help find any issues among your staff by monitoring your customer reviews. These can come in the form of verbal feedback from shoppers while in store to posts and comments made on Facebook, Twitter or Yelp. If you see people complaining that a certain employee didn't know where the men's clothing racks were, for example, you can address that problem directly, rather than having to guess what issues your customers are noticing.