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Get in the holiday spirit with store packaging

Get in the holiday spirit with store packaging

‘Tis the season for wish lists, favorite seasonal foods and holiday sales. This fall and winter, get in the spirit of the season at your store with packaging that is convenient, colorful and sure to appeal to your many customers.

Wrap things up
Good things come in small packages, large boxes and just about any size bag or container you can imagine. When purchasing and advertising gift packaging, be sure to accommodate all of your products and customers’ needs by ordering supplies proportional to expected sales. Some options for gift preparation, such as wrapping paper, are particularly versatile for items of any size, particularly those which come pre-packaged and only need a decorative outer appearance. Wrapping paper comes in an abundance of designs – from fun, colorful looks to sleek, sophisticated styles. For items that are smaller or difficult to wrap with paper, consider an array of gift boxes and bags. For seasonal specifics, you might consider choosing items that come printed with holiday or weather-related designs, as well as neutral items in solid colors that can appeal to customers any time of year.

Accessorize gift wrap
Wrapping or bagging purchases is only the first step when it comes to gift preparation. Be sure to provide additional supplies for sale or in-store use that will help customers dress up items for maximum appeal. Gift accessories like tags and labels will assist patrons in keeping their purchases straight, even with the most complicated holiday shopping lists. Offer additional pizzazz by making specialized items like boutique tags or labels available that feature designs or embossing. For gift bags, look for a variety of cellophane lining and tissue paper in neutrals and bold solids, as well as fun patterns like floral designs and animal prints. Dress up even neutral tones with wholesale ribbon, bows and other decals that can easily be applied to packaging for a bit of extra, eye-catching sparkle and a polished look.

Keep it convenient
For many customers, wrapping gifts at home presents another seasonal stress. Offer your patrons the gift of convenience by preparing a wrapping center within your shop, so customers can be holiday-ready with presents that are picture-perfect even before they leave your store. Your gift-wrapping station will require a number of essentials, such as a dispensing rolls for mass quantities of paper and ribbon, a cut-resistant tabletop that will protect your store fixtures from being damaged, and tape. For shoppers who prefer wrapping at home, still be sure to provide the necessary materials for safe shipment and transport of their goods. This might include garment bags for clothing and apparel, plain gift boxes for jewelry or smaller accessories and bubble wrap for particularly delicate or breakable items.

Share your resources
When customers approach your shop and browse your merchandise, you want to be sure they know about your packaging availability and options. Be sure to clearly advertise your wrapping center and offer patrons simple directions for finding it if your store is particularly expansive or has a complicated floor plan. You might clarify its location with signs or posters leading customers to the proper area, or even highlight the section with decorative string lighting features or garlands to really make it stand out. If you’re expecting particularly heavy crowds, look into control essentials, like queue lines. When customers arrive at the wrapping counter, they may have ideas about wrapping options, but it’s important to have an experienced staff ready to offer suggestions, especially during rush shopping times when patrons will appreciate the extra efficiency and expertise.