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Get hooked on trendsetting style

Get hooked on trendsetting style


As a small boutique retailer, there’s plenty of opportunity to have fun in your shop and design a unique, intriguing floor plan that brings customers in and helps them flow through the shop. One way to keep their eyes moving from floor to ceiling is by using everything from lower shelving units to hooks, hangers and racks to display merchandise and along with decorations that give your store personality.

Here are a couple of great ways to use hooks to create a boutique that your customers will adore:

For merchandise


Garments like scarves, jewelry and purses display beautifully on hooks.

A scarf can look like a mess of fabric when displayed on a table, but hanging the garment gives it a new dimension and displays it in a way that better mimics how it will look around someone’s neck. Jewelry can also benefit from hooks, reducing tangles and improving organization, as Homedit described. Purses are easier to find and sift through when displayed on hooks, and they make a gorgeous adornment on a wall. Depending on the look and feel of your boutique, these distressed hooks are great for a vintage vibe. These traditional gray hooks also make a great option.

Hangers and racks

Folding clothing and placing it on shelves can save space, but hanging garments looks sleeker and makes it easier for customers to navigate merchandise. Retail clothing hangers can help keep your store in order while making it more efficient to display your clothing. Black, super heavyweight hangers are designed to make shirts, sweaters, jackets and other apparel look streamlined.

Hook racks are great for jackets, hats and other accessories. A barn-style wooden hook rack with distressed metal is perfect for a rustic boutique.

For decorations

Hooks and racks

Hooks and racks aren’t only for displaying merchandise. There are plenty of creative ways to use them throughout your boutique for decorations and store promotion.

Simple metal hooks or colorful embellished ones can match your wall hanging and flow with the vibe of your store.

To convince your customers to come back to the store or shop current sales, it’s important to display promotional material throughout the store. If you only promote deals at the entrance, customers could forget about them by the time they make it to checkout. Take a vintage photo frame and attach a decorative ribbon to the top corners. Tie the ribbon together and hang the frame on a hook to display promotional material.

You can also hang string lights to hooks for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

No matter how you plan to use hooks, hangers and racks in your boutique, the right arrangement can make the walls of your boutique more aesthetically pleasing and useful.