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Get creative with your window displays

Get creative with your window displays

Finding creative ways to update your store by using furniture and tables you already have is a great way to save money and help your space stand out. Plus, with the extra money saved, you may be able to finally purchase that new display table you wanted or even updated mannequins to keep your space fresh and modern.

A fun idea for summer is to use tables of different sizes to create a funky, stacked window display. To achieve this, find tables that work together stylistically. Then try to stack a few of the tables on top of each other to gain a feel for how high they should be or how many tables you think looks best.

Once you’ve figured out a setup, place the tables in the store window and then start adding summer-inspired merchandise on each one to rope new and returning customers in. Try to place different items on each table that all tie in together in some way. For example, to show off your store’s summer garb, place flip-flops and sandals on the first table, hats and sunglasses on the second tier and sunblock, towels and beach toys on the third. This way, people walking by will notice you have everything they’re looking for.