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Get creative with pumpkins and leaves

Get creative with pumpkins and leaves

Nothing says "fall" more than leaves, pumpkins and gourds, but decorating with these autumnal classics can get stale if you use them in the same way each year. These ubiquitous fall items will always capture attention for seasonal selling, but using them in unique ways might capture a shopper's attention even better.

Pumpkins and leaves are brightly colored by nature, but painting them a different color is one way to make them stand out. Because everyone expects a pumpkin to be orange and a leaf to be shades of rust, orange and gold, they may stop in their tracks if they see them all painted one bold color. You can also use this technique to get a certain message across – for instance, you can plug a fall sale you are having to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness by adding pumpkins and leaves painted a shade of light pink during the month of October.

Another way you can add an element of surprise to your store displays is to increase the quantity of these fall props and arrange them in a geometric pattern. This could mean stacking pumpkins on top of each other to create a pyramid, or spelling out the word "SALE" in fall leaves. These unique uses of traditional fall items will make passersby appreciate your seasonality as well as your creativity.