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Get ahead of the top back-to-school trends

Get ahead of the top back-to-school trends

Once you’ve armed yourself with a back to school poster and purchased multiple mannequins for sale, you’re likely ready to start preparing a fall display. Before you begin, however, you should brush up on some of the hottest back-to-school trends that are taking over stores this fall. Here are a few of the most popular:

Jeans may always be a staple of any wardrobe, but other ways to wear denim started making a comeback in the spring. These styles are heating up just in time for fall, so there’s a good chance many shoppers will be looking for these pieces when they scour stores for back-to-school deals. Jean jackets are a great accent to a fall outfit. Consider pairing these light garments with casual dresses or flowy blouses in your store displays for a sophisticated look.

Animal prints
Many shoppers will be thinking about taking a walk on the wild side with animal prints. Whether they are drawn to looks that evoke the patterns from zebras, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes or any other creature, you’ll want to have some kind of products on display that show off your related goods. This strong style may a bit too overpowering for big pieces, but it is perfect for ballet flats, scarves, wallets and other accessories. You may want to have a special section of your store, such as a shelf or rack, completely designated to animal print gear to help shoppers easily find what they’re looking for.

The leather look
Feeling a bit more hardcore? Then you’ll love the leather trend that is set to take over stores and runways this fall. The punk-inspired look has started showing up more and more in the past few months, and back-to-school shopping is the perfect excuse to pick up a few leather pieces. Leather jackets and boots are must-haves for fall, so be sure to include several of these pieces on mannequins in your window displays. Even adding a few simple leather accents can make a difference in a showcase. Consider adding things like a leather belt, clutch or bag to an ensemble. If you’re catering to an adventurous clientele, go for bolder looks such as leather leggings or headbands.

Tech accessories
There’s a good chance customers are shopping for more than clothes when they head to back-to-school sales. School supplies are always a must, and many students are out in full force to look for the notebooks, folders, organizational tools and other resources that will keep them on top of their academics. Of course, with so many of these students owning tech devices, from smartphones to tablets, they are also on the hunt for the right accessories to keep these electronics safe.

A good idea is to stock a table set with tech accessories that incorporate other fall trends. Many retail spaces will have plain or boring gear, but by showing off your fun school supplies – think neon colors, animal print cases, leather bags and similar items – you can emphasize to customers that your store has all of the latest styles.

Shoppers are starting early
While these styles, materials and products are expected to be among the hottest trends for fall, there are some other patterns cropping up with regard to how people are conducting their back-to-school shopping. Fox Business reports that many consumers started their fall shopping early this year, with many doing so in an attempt to spread out the costs. Although August is the prime time for back-to-school sales, many consumers have already started stocking up on items for fall, making it essential to start highlighting your store’s products as soon as possible.