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Gearing up for St. Paddy’s Day – what to buy now

Gearing up for St. Paddy’s Day – what to buy now

Whether it’s display tables or mannequins, stores are soon going to be taking on a shade of green. One easy way to do that is with the C3 Custom Color Collection, which lets you color your store in any variation of green you desire for this St. Patrick’s Day.

This one of a kind technique might be that little extra something needed to give you a bit of luck of the Irish this year. With it, mannequins, form bases and clothing racks of all shapes and sizes can receive an uncommon little twist with a scratch-resistant, high-gloss coloring unique to your space.

If you’re in need of bulk retail supplies for the Irish holiday, there’s everything from tags to wrapping paper in green that can give you just the right amount of St. Paddy’s spirit.

St. Patrick’s Day is a chance to really overdecorate mannequins with products that’ll make your customers laugh and catch the festive spirit. There’s no such thing as too much on this holiday. Take advantage of our full-bodied mannequins with a hat, or put a pair of funky green glasses on them too. Your green models could even all be sitting around their own pot of gold, as there are many different positions of figures that can be used to set up your own custom scene.

There’s no minimum purchase required, so if all you need is one central display, that’s possible too.

On a day where you’re expected to wear green under penalty of pinch, there’s no reason that the statues in your store shouldn’t too. Your store can be an Emerald Isle all its own,  and with the emerging spring season, you’ll have many other chances to show off your green residents even after March 17 has passed.