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Fundamental uses for slatwall fixtures

Fundamental uses for slatwall fixtures

It’s rare to walk into a store that doesn’t use slatwall fixtures in some capacity. However, if you don’t pay attention to the aesthetic of your slatwall, parts of your store could end up looking more like a garage than a retail space. Luckily, they are quite versatile for store displays and organization.

With a freestanding slatwall unit, particularly one that rotates, you can display a complete outfit instead of using a mannequin. If you involve hooks and shelves, you’ll be able to lay out clothes and accessories that can be mixed and matched for a variety of cute outfits.

The most obvious use for the fixture is to install slatwall hooks to arrange products that are easily hung. Additionally, slatwall baskets can be used for smaller items, clearance buckets and more.

For a completely different way to use slatwall fixtures, consider how they could help maintain a tidy space where you handle store operations. Whether you use them behind the cash register or in the back office, it’ll be easy to organize and display the tools you and your employees need regularly.