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Fun, inexpensive seasonal decorations

Fun, inexpensive seasonal decorations

The summer season is in full swing, and if you feel like more can be done to have your shop’s theme reflect the atmosphere outside, there are plenty of small and cost-effective decorations you can add to your store. You don’t need large centerpieces to showcase your summer spirit because the smaller details matter just as much as the big ones.

Dress up your store displays to play off of the current season, feeding on shoppers’ excitement for the time of year while reminding them of all the products they’ll need to fully enjoy it. You can make your windows and aisles work together with the weather outside to leave an impression in customers’ minds that encourages them to enjoy your inventory outside.

Add some visuals to the background
To decorate for summer, it’s not necessary for prominent store fixtures to dominate the design. A more subtle approach can be just as effective in conveying the seasonal message to the shoppers milling about your shop.

There are a number of store supplies you can use to adorn the setting of your building. All of the mannequins in your window displays can stay as they are while wearing your summer selection if you set the right mood with traditional wrapping paper lining the floor or walls behind them. A large variety of spring and summer patterns made up of flowers, trees and animals can mirror images of the time of year, requiring minimal work but with maximum visibility at a prime area for traffic at your store.

Promotional posters are cheap way to get a seasonal point across for temporary sales and specific inventory too. There are posters highlighting the apparel people will need for beach excursions as well as for when it’s time for back-to-school shopping.

To add some summer flavor to the hard-to-decorate areas of your store such as store racks and other display fixtures, garland is an easy ornamental option. Wrap strings of butterflies or dragonflies around the poles of furniture and displays to bring some artificial life to browsing shoppers.

Bring some light into the cloudy days or long nights at your store with some strings of rose leaf lights that add an intimate element to any section of the building. These lights are eco-friendly, made from real rose leaves that open up when you spray them with a mist of water. This feature will help connect the interior of your shop with the outside world, bringing a little natural piece of it inside.

Decorate for all of the senses
You don’t have to stop at customers’ sense of sight when decorating your store for summer. A great way to make shoppers feel like they’re outside when in your shop is to add the smells found outdoors.

A scent cube can periodically release odors reminiscent to the season and if you place a few of the devices in every corner of your store, people entering may feel like they aren’t even in a building.

When choosing which scent to disperse, pick an option that goes well with the theme you’re putting on to add a whole new level of depth to your presentation. A summer scent oil such as fireflies or cocktail could help set the mood for your whole store and put shoppers at ease so they can look around at their own pace, not rushing to get back outside in the fresh air.

You can easily decorate your entire store for summer on a tight budget if you use a little creativity and some of the materials you already have. Just because an item wasn’t meant for large-scale decoration doesn’t mean it can’t be used as such.