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Friday Frenzy!

Friday Frenzy!

For one day only, Firefly Store Solutions is offering a sale on its entire inventory. There’s no price limit to the amount you can purchase and no restrictions to the size of the order. Everything is 15 percent off no matter what. This is the perfect chance for you to make some big renovations and change to your shop, especially if you’ve been planning on doing so for a while.

It can either be the final phase to your spring cleaning or just a long overdue change of appearance. This sale gives your the opportunity to pick of all the store fixtures you need, big or small. Whether you’re looking to put the final touches on your spring store displays or are looking for some big permanent changes, everything is at your fingertips to choose from at a discounted price.

Time for some big changes on the floor
If any of the fixtures in your store are wearing out or just not fitting with the overall design of your shop anymore, Friday Frenzy is the time to make the changes you’ve been yearning for. Your summer stock is heading out to the sales floor, so if you don’t have enough store racks to ensure a wide diversity of your products is displayed, this sale is a good opening to cover all of your bases and guarantee every shopper sees what they’re looking for.

When there just aren’t enough display tables to cope with all of your seasonal themes, more can be added to bring enough dimension to your business during holidays and promotions. Customers are always looking for something to catch their eye, and your tables are the platforms to make it so. They can either hold arrangements of clothing and any type of accessories or be transformed into the canvas for your imagination.

The time has come to replenish your ranks of models if you’ve lost a few of your brave fashion warriors to wear and tear or you simply have too many popular outfits that deserve their own spotlight. The C3 Custom Color Collection even allows you to personalize your mannequins with a coat of whatever color you want. The tones can either accentuate certain events or could be general enough to stay out all year long.

Moving the walls around
Even if your shop is all set with its visual fixtures, this could be a great opportunity to redefine the entire layout of your store. With discounted gridwalls, you can literally reshape the aisles and walls of your building by refitting the boundaries with fixtures that can serve a purpose in displaying as many products as possible. If you’ve had a vision of what you want the business to look like but you just couldn’t get the flow of the floor the way you wanted it, now is a key moment to start from the beginning.

The Friday Frenzy promotion empowers you to make the biggest changes for the lowest price. Think ahead to all the plans you have in store for your business to see what you could add to your arsenal that could enhance your shop. It can be a new center piece for your building or just an extra supply of the valuable bulk retail supplies that keep your operation running. Prepare for the future by harnessing this sale’s potential to improve your store in any way you can before the summer rush sets in. A shift in your store’s layout might be the extra something that brings passersby them in through your doors and makes your brand a part of their summer.