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Freshen your jewelry displays

Freshen your jewelry displays

Mixing up your display designs can be quite beneficial because you highlight new merchandise to catch shoppers’ eyes. When customers see the same old scenery every time they browse, they might not ever notice some of your beautiful products.

As the seasons change, consider rotating the items you present on display fixtures. Brainstorm creative design features that will entice people to look further. JCK magazine explained that at times, jewelry stores only dedicate 10 percent of the store’s space for actual displays. It might seem logical to showcase as many products as possible, but that can be counterproductive – if shoppers are overwhelmed with a store display, they may simply see chaos instead of what you’re promoting.

Best practices for jewelry displays
There are a few ways to arrange your merchandise to make your displays attractive and effective.

When you consider what items haven’t been selling well, you may think it’ll be most profitable to display them together in a separate area. However, JCK magazine recommended integrating these products into display fixtures that feature popular goods as well. To do this, sort your merchandise by another characteristic, such as color or material.

The Houston Chronicle suggested matching your display fixtures to the value of the merchandise. For example, use closed cases that can be locked for valuable items and shelves for products that can be handled while people browse. Consider combining an array of fixtures to make your visual design more diverse. However, be aware of how the store fixtures will be placed in the space so you maintain a consistent and cohesive look.

Ultimately, jewelry displays should strive to convey an air of sophistication and elegance. Even if your product selection is more casual or funky, a pleasing design can help you foster sales. Don’t forget to use enough light in the display so that customers can see the details of each item.

Ideas for interesting designs 
To keep your displays fresh, use props in various ways and switch the color schemes regularly. You can use little jars or vases that you find at a dollar store to hang bracelets and necklace on. Spray paint the bottom half of an egg carton and sort your ring selection into the openings on a shelf for customers to sift through. Many do-it-yourself blogs have recommended projects that use drawer knobs to make jewelry holders. All you need is a selection of interesting knobs, which you can find at craft stores and hardware stores, and a piece of wood. Attach the knobs, and voila: decorative hooks for displaying necklaces.