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Freshen up with flowers

Freshen up with flowers

Spring and summer are a time for most stores to replace the darker colors of fall and winter with vibrant and bold merchandise. From sassy dresses, shorts and accessories to fashion-forward handbags and hats, stores of all sorts are alive with the styles of summer. Although you may assume the merchandise alone is enough to infuse the warm weather feelings, adding flowers to your display tables can really go the extra mile – helping your store shine above the rest.

You can easily spice up your space with a few bouquets of colorful flowers. Colorful blooms are eye-catching, so use them to make your merchandise stand out. You can keep the flowers in almost any vessel capable of holding water, from dainty champagne glasses, to empty gourmet food bottles that will provide a shabby-chic feel.

When displaying flowers, make sure to consider the colors and how they will look alongside your merchandise. For example, if your mannequin is dressed in a bold blue dress, you should avoid placing a bouquet of blue flowers near it. Instead, opt for flowers that will complement or enhance the ensemble, such as hot pink roses or even yellow tulips.