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Fresh ideas for winter sales

Fresh ideas for winter sales

Post-Christmas, seasonal store displays can start to look a bit blah. That fake snow is losing its appeal as people tire of the real flakes falling outside, and even the most exuberant snowman might not be able to cheer up chilly customers. With midwinter sales right around the corner, however, you’ll want to freshen up your retail space’s interior to boost profits and keep guests in good spirits. Here are a few ideas for decorating that will be sure to shine this season.

Brighten up with color
If falling snow has left the world outside of your store whitewashed, take advantage of this opportunity to play with colors indoors. It might not be the best time of year to repaint all of the walls, but picking bright store fixtures can add that hint of hue without requiring any massive renovation.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your space is to look for colorful versions of must-have store equipment. Check out the C3 color collection for items that are perennially necessary, such as store racks and mannequins. All of these and more come in a wide range of shades that can complement your current design while standing out enough to draw attention to merchandise.

Don’t forget that color doesn’t have to come in solid blocks. Try out a unique and eye-catching pattern like those used for the jersey form covers. These bright and bold designs can take the store fixtures to a whole new level.

Select a new design
You probably know how easy it is to revamp your space with a custom collection, so what’s stopping you? Pieces from the Hanson, Boutique or Raw Steel sets can be purchased as a group or individual items. Either way, working with a collection helps build a sense of cohesiveness in your space and adds a quality of sophistication to your design.

If you’re opting for individual pieces, be aware of which items will make the biggest statement. Display tables, for instance, are always eye-catching, and sets of multiple units in different sizes are an efficient option for creating unity. Depending on the overall theme of your store, you may then want to select shelving units that match the hue to maximize wall space, or look for display cases or standing shelves to take advantage of floor space. Additional accents like hooks and hangers can also be purchased to correspond with your chosen collection’s look.

Utilize signs and posters
Nothing says sale like a promotional poster or sign. These items are highly versatile and can be utilized on any are of your store. Standing options may be placed right next to merchandise, advertising discounts, or show off your bargain with a wall-hung sign that won’t take up floor space.

Keep with the idea of catching customers’ eyes and opt for pieces in a colorful shade. Signs can be as simple as you like, simply announcing that there’s a sale or giving specific details about the amount of discount guests can expect to enjoy at the register.