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Four unique ideas for your holiday window displays

Four unique ideas for your holiday window displays

The holidays may have snuck up on you this year, but it’s not too late to come up with a creative idea for your seasonal window display. If you’ve been struggling to think of an original idea, here are some concepts and themes to get you started:

1. Go vintage
This concept is particularly well-suited for clothing stores that specialize in trendy, vintage clothing. For many shoppers, the holiday season hearkens back to a simpler time, and as a retailer, you can help evoke this sentiment by going vintage in your window store. Swap out mannequins for forms and dress them up in red and green outfits that evoke the roaring 20s or the swinging 60s. If you have a tree up in your window, decorate it with older ornaments and big Christmas lights. You can really sell this theme by playing classic holiday carols, like those from Bing Crosby or Judy Garland, in your store.

2. Get sporty
Outlets that sell outdoor winter gear can capitalize on the sportiness of the season. Start by using tissue paper, wholesale ribbon and white cloth to create a winter scene in your storefront. Next, you’ll want to display your best-selling winter gear, like ice skates, skis or sleds. If you don’t sell these items, you can simply show off some of your best scarves, hats, gloves and jackets that will help keep those outdoor enthusiasts warm throughout the year.

3. Think floral
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t use plant life to your advantage. Holly, mistletoe, pine and poinsettias are all appropriate decorations for winter. You can use wall racks or display tables to incorporate this type of flora into your displays. This is another motif that you can bring into the store itself by placing potted plants or garlands in your display cases or along the checkout counter.

4. Make a scene
There are so many beloved holiday books and movies, why not recreate one in your store window? Think of the fun scene from “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge rewards the Cratchits with a Christmas feast. Or perhaps you want to emulate the moment in “The Grinch” when the curmudgeon finds it in his heart to bestow a big pile of gifts on the people of Whoville. It’s easy to recreate these iconic moments by simply drawing the scene on the backdrop, then placing some items from your store that go along with the concept.