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Food retailers can capitalize this Christmas

Food retailers can capitalize this Christmas

Everyone loves a little Christmas cheer, and passing out and receiving presents is a blast, but for many, the best part of the holiday season is the food. Steaming turkey, sweet and sour cranberry sauce, decadent pumpkin pie – there's no end to the delicious treats that make this time of year so special. That's why food retailers should go all out to reach to customers with creative store marketing techniques.

Showcase the family meal in your window displays
Christmas and Thanksgiving are times to bring together the whole family around the table, and you can reflect this in your store windows. Create a kitchen scene with a few adult and child mannequins sporting aprons, with fake foods in the background to set the scene. Home goods retailers can set up a big dining room table complete with place settings for the whole family – don't forget the cornucopia!

Raw ingredients will get customers hungry
For an interesting way to decorate and showcase your goods simultaneously, take some of the raw ingredients that are popular this season and set them out in decorative bowls or plates. A bowl of ripe cranberries sitting in a colander will draw the eye and remind customers that these fruits are in season. Big, orange pumpkins and squashes are also vibrant reminders of the some of the yummiest winter delicacies.

Group like items together for easy shopping
Food retailers can encourage customers to pick up all of their items by setting them up in a natural way. Put out the whipped cream by all of your pumpkin pie ingredients, or place the apple cider and eggnog near the checkout aisle to remind customers that you carry delicious beverages for the holidays. Remember that some Christmas dishes also require special utensils, like turkey basters or potato mashers, which you should display near the items for which they are used.