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Follow changing trends

Follow changing trends

Fads and trends come and go, but understanding when to buy and when to skip a fad is crucial in keeping customers in your store. Part of being a smart business owner is knowing what trends are hot and getting the word out that your shop offers what everyone wants.

If you're not the best at staying up on trends, there are ways to be more in touch. A great way to learn about upcoming fads and trends is to check out fashion and popular culture magazines to see if there are recurring trends across the board. For example, if stars in certain magazines are wearing wide-brimmed straw hats and editorials in the fashion magazines are also saying such hats are in fashion for summer, you'll probably want to purchase a few varieties for your store. Asking your employees about trends they've seen is another way to learn about new fads.

Once you've purchased certain trends, you'll want to display them in the windows or on display tables set up near the front of the store to let consumers know you have what everyone wants. To push the trend even further, set up a summer window display using mannequins and dress them up in fun bathing suits and beach cover-ups, with the final touch being the popular wide-brim hats.