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Focus shoppers’ attention by displaying what moms want

Focus shoppers’ attention by displaying what moms want

Mother's Day is all about showering mothers around the country in gifts and affection as a way to say "thank you" for all they do. Some shoppers have selected gifts for their moms months in advance, but others will be rushing around over the next few days trying to find that perfect something for the special women in their lives.

Gift shops and women's clothing stores may be the best target for these shoppers, and because there are so many shops like this to choose from, owners need to make their store displays stand out in order to reel customers in. A great way to zero in on what to get mom is to set up a display based on products that women typically love, including jewelry, handbags and flowers.

Once you have a theme in mind it's easier to put together a beautiful store front. You can incorporate these ideas by first placing pink or purple cloth or paper along the back wall of your display. These colors are feminine and will draw consumers in on their own.

Next, set up display tables with a few brightly colored purses and add even more drama to the look by tying fancy scarves or draping necklaces and bracelets on the handles of the bag. Tie the look together even further by placing a few jewels inside dainty eco sinamay bags to show shoppers what their presents could look like all wrapped up.