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Floral themes for window displays

Floral themes for window displays

As the flowers and plants of spring begin to bloom, the sight of colors and life is a welcomed sign to many of your shoppers. Harness their excitement for the season by utilizing floral themes in your store displays to entice more people into your shop with some of the natural beauty they’re seeing outside. Adding some plants and flowers in your window presentations lets people experience the long-awaited spring inside your store, giving them incentives to head inside despite the beautiful spring weather.

If you haven’t converted your store’s theme for spring yet, adding flora to your display fixtures can help herald the transformation for you. The plant life outside is just beginning to grow, so it’s not too late to give your shop a green hue that will reflect the metamorphosis. Whether the greenery is real or fake, shoppers will take comfort in your extension of nature as they shop while enjoying the scenery they’ve been looking forward to all winter.

Adding some life to your displays
Your floral theme doesn’t have to be front and center in your window displays, but instead can be used to accentuate your selection. Any of your items that have patterns of flowers or leaves could look at home against a backdrop of ivy wrapped around an entire gridwall. The assortment of green leaves will set up a scene straight from the outdoors, giving you the chance to arrange mannequins in poses of springtime activities.

An option for incorporating real potted plants elegantly with your displays is to set up a Hanson outrigger on the wall behind your windows where you can either cover it with your own small garden or sporadically place some plants in between items showcased on the shelves or in baskets. This choice is much more conducive for any living plants you want to keep, because the light coming through the window can easily reach them and they’ll be in an easy location for watering.

For a more toned down approach, fake bushels of flowers can be wrapped around display hooks positioned around your windows and the walls of your store. These won’t detract from your other designs and inventory, but will complement any spring themes.

Of course, small plants and flowers can easily be scattered along display tables or even in corners to bring about the same harmony with nature in your shop. It’s important not to put too many plants around your business that might overshadow your main attraction: your products.

Don’t be afraid to get a little fantastical
When coming up with your theme, don’t be restricted by the realistic. Feel free to experiment with your creativity. For instance, you could create blown-up proportions of plants to make your window displays look like something straight out of a fantasy story. Giant butterflies can provide an out-of-this-world effect for the products being exhibited that will be sure to draw the attention of anyone walking by.

By breaking away from what people expect, you make room to surprise them with your inventory underlined by the themes in your displays.