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Flip flop end cap displays for the end of summer

Flip flop end cap displays for the end of summer

Beach season is in full swing with those temperatures climbing to their peaks. You need to make sure your vital summer products are taking advantage of all your display fixtures to get the attention of shoppers one last time before the weather changes again.

Clothing that can help keep customers cool or accessories for the beach should be the dominant part of your store displays and the theme for all of the other sections of your shop. Flip flops can be key to any summer outfit, so a great place to showcase them is at the end caps of your aisles, making it easy for shoppers to find items they’ll want no matter what products they’re sifting through.

Give them some space
Instead of trying to squeeze flip flops into an existing display, give them their own end cap to preserve the condition of your stock from mishandling on fixtures not meant to hold these summer shoes. Gondola shelves are traditional staples at the end of store rows, giving you a lot of space to work with creatively.

You can take advantage of the space to arrange all of the different colors and styles into organized lines where everything can be easily seen. This will ensure that customers see your variety and can choose the best selection to complement their wardrobe.

For something with more style, use display tables that come in an array of materials and sizes, adding some charm rather than the cool steel of other fixtures. The more elegant designs can help bring the attention to specific items that work with the summer trends or just the most popular choices by other customers.

Adorn your end caps
You don’t have to cover end caps with just products either. Use smaller shoe displays to create pockets of different choices for flip flops and other footwear, each with their own accentuating style depending on whatever product is on them.

Whether you scatter sandals around freely with a few stands rising above the rest or fill the flip flops with foot forms to help shoppers visualize what the final product will look like, don’t keep your end caps barren. They should be an extension of the aisle they’re attached to, wrapping up the picks they’ve made while browsing. End caps can remind people of the items they’ve missed and even offer combinations they might not have thought of.