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Fix your fixtures

Fix your fixtures

What you select to display your store's merchandise can go a long way with helping customers understand the overall feel of your space. If you mainly sell modern gift items and unique jewelry, it wouldn't be appropriate to showcase these products on western-style trays or display tables. These type of items may be better displayed on a classic white table or fixtures that emulate a shabby-chic style.

Figuring out what your store represents and making sure your store displays, tables and racks have a similar vibe will allow consumers to really look at your inventory, rather than trying to figure out your store's theme. Placing chic metal bristol shelves around your store may bring in a sense of style that your store is currently lacking. These shelves have intricate detailing and offer instant art and class to your space. The dark metal feel also allows you to showcase some of your brighter products such as fancy soaps and gourmet foods or even jewelry boxes and bold scarves.

Add in more definition by replacing your current hangers with fancy fleur-de-lis hangers that complement the shelving without blending in entirely. Add in more of this style through dressing room hooks and even a few walls or shelves.