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Finding the right form cover

Finding the right form cover

Models and mannequins can be incorporated into a wide range of store displays. Whether adorned with stylish clothing or accessories, the forms provide a versatile backdrop for a variety of merchandise. In utilizing these models, shop owners can customize their look for various themes and interior designs. Finding the right form cover doesn’t require a degree in design, just a knack for matching. To give you a helping hand, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sophisticated fashion
If you’re running a high-end retail department, you’ll want to invest in pieces that look like they belong. For a timeless appeal, select form covers in a sleek solid black. The charcoal hue will provide a stunning and sophisticated backdrop for apparel or jewelry, and it matches with any interior design. The same is true of solid shades like merlot, which are classic and clean-cut. Complete the look by adding a uniform neck block and stand. Because black is virtually impossible to clash with, take a cue from the other materials in your store. Already have several wooden store fixtures? Complement them by selecting a natural wood base and block. Or create a unified effect with accents that are also dark.

Managers of boutiques and people who want jersey forms to play more of a pivotal role in their store designs may want to opt for covers that are patterned. A floral theme has just the right touch of whimsy while still looking sophisticated. Pull in rich hues, like those on the Mulberry or Daramask cover, or for a more delicate approach, select a peacock blue form with a wispy pattern. A dark base and neck block may overwhelm your pattern, so look instead for lighter accents. Natural wood bases and blocks have a very earthy appeal, or go the extra step and try a curly metal base in misted gold for that antique style.

Family friendly
In family-oriented stores, especially those that cater to children, you’ll want to keep things light and fun. Try dressing up jersey form models with covers in bright hues like aqua, or go for a wild appeal with animal-printed items. Either light or dark bases and neck blocks can complement bright colors, so it really depends on coordinating with the other fixtures in your store. You can also utilize the boutique-style bases, which give an extra sparkle to forms’ appeal.