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Find the best ways to show off fall accessories

Find the best ways to show off fall accessories

Fall is the season of accessories. Hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, fuzzy socks and more all make their way to the top of shoppers’ lists, so you need to be prepared. Your marketing and display techniques will have a big impact on how well you move these products, so we’ve come up with a few fun ideas on how to get the most out of your seasonal accessories displays.

An autumn afternoon in your storefront
Now that summer is coming to a close, people are looking forward to the hallmarks of fall. These include changing leaves, strolls in the afternoon sunlight and of course lots of delicious food and drink. You can emulate all of these things in your storefront window by creating a classic autumn display. Faux leaves are easy to come by, but you can also gather some actual leaves you find in your community. Consider pasting some of the brightly colored foliage on the backdrop of your window display and raking up piles of the rest on the floor.

Next, place a few tables stacked with barrels of apples, pumpkins and gourds, and of course your hottest seasonal items. Finally, you’ll want a few mannequins donning the best hats, gloves, scarves vests and other fall items. Be sure to include both adult and child mannequins, as families often enjoy partaking in traditional fall activities together.

In-store displays
The window display you use will attract shoppers into your store, but once inside, you need to continue to show them that you have the finest products at the best prices. To do this, you may want to consider reorganizing the interior of your store, particularly if you have frequent shoppers who have gotten used to the arrangement of your clothing racks and display cases. Ordering new store fixtures specifically for the fall season is also a good idea, as it will give your shop a fresher look.

Don’t hesitate to place more mannequins throughout the interior of your store. If you sell accessories that could be worn by both men and women, consider using form figures, similar to those you might see in a tailor’s shop, to display your items. However, if you do like to keep your men’s and women’s items separate, you can use mannequin decals to give the figures feminine or masculine attributes, such as bright red lips or curly mustaches.

Fall promotional ideas
You will likely have some people getting ready to make big changes to their wardrobe, which means they won’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get all of their fall items. This is why promotions and discounts are essential this time of year. You can encourage people to come in by offering a “trade-in” sale. If they bring in old hats, gloves, or scarves, they can trade them in for a discount on new items. Then, you can take the excess accessories and donate them to charity, which will benefit your community and show your customers that you care.

Consider offering “outfit discounts” to individuals who come in looking for new sweaters or jeans. If they spend over a certain amount on clothing, offer them an accessory of their choice for free. People will love picking out the best hat or scarf to go with the new outfit they purchased. You can also use the fall rush to move out the final summer items you have on your shelves. For example, consider providing discounts on sunglasses, shorts, and t-shirts to anyone who spends $50 or more on your fall wear.