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Final checklist for Black Friday preparation: Part 2

Final checklist for Black Friday preparation: Part 2

Your space is set in terms of layout, but that’s only the first step. Here are some tips for finishing your preparations for Black Friday sales:

Secure your space
As a higher number of people are likely to come into your store, it’s important to make sure that your merchandise stays safe and sound. Security measures can be taken throughout your space to ensure that items are accounted for without marring your design. To keep track of customer comings and goings, consider installing a visitor chime at your store entrance. Throughout your space, you can implement other features that let you keep an open eye. Security mirrors can be especially effective when placed in corners, to give you visibility from different angles. For additional effect, consider pieces like simulated security cameras, which may help mitigate any incidences before they occur.

Keep it clean
It goes without saying that a clean appearance adds much to the appeal of a shop. With higher-than-normal traffic, the task of keeping spaces sanitary may require a bit more work, so be sure you’re prepared with the appropriate supplies. Have items like a heavy-duty steamer and liquid cleaner on hand for more substantial concerns, as well as the basics – vacuum, duster and surface cleanser.

Get festive
Sales and discounts appeal to customers, but so does an attractive interior. Ring in the holidays with seasonal decorations that are sure to catch their eyes. Little accents like sparkling decals and jersey forms in holiday shades will give your space a festive feel. Lighting options like strand or string illumination can create a warmer atmosphere in your shop as well.

Don’t forget to give your customers an extra hand with holiday preparation by considering a gift wrapping center. Located near the checkout, guests can take their newly-purchased merchandise and turn it into packages that are perfectly prepared for placement under the tree. In addition to wrapping paper and bags, accessories like wholesale ribbon and bows are nice finishing touches.