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Final checklist for Black Friday preparation: Part 1

Final checklist for Black Friday preparation: Part 1

With the Black Friday shopping holiday less than two days away, retailers are in the final stretch of preparations, getting their store in top shape for the fleets of customers who will be flocking in to find the best deals. Follow this handy checklist to be sure that everything is in order from the moment you open your doors:

Efficient entryways
No matter the size of your space, layout is going to be key during the Black Friday rush. If you only have a bit of time to reorganize, a few key areas should be of particular importance. First, the entrance – make sure that shoppers will have plenty of room on their way in the door, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase some top-selling items that will catch customers’ attention. Store entrances are a great place to utilize mannequins, which give shoppers ideas as they head inside but won’t slow down traffic.

Maximized main spaces
Moving into the main floor, ensure that there’s plenty of room for customers to walk to avoid crowding and angry shoppers. You may especially want to utilize wall-oriented store fixtures, which can take advantage of space where guests definitely won’t be treading. Because of increased crowds, though, be sure that items placed on higher shelves are resistant to breaking or toppling over. To minimize the risk of items falling, look for enclosed display cases and acrylic cubes that can be stacked and secured to optimize vertical spaces. Because Black Friday is all about the sales, you’ll need additional effort to highlight any extra special deals. Look for marketing devices like store signs and posters that will draw attention to discounts.

Easy exits
Leaving the store should be as smooth of a process as walking in the front door. Utilize crowd control items and look at your shop design to determine how best to organize the line to the register. When the time comes to check out, customers won’t want to be waiting in line, so make queue time as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Get in those last-minute sales by advertising bulk discount items or stocking-stuffers near checkout lanes in high-volume containers such as dump bins and baskets. At the register, you can still show off a few last-minute items as well. Consider countertop displays that showcase specific merchandise, like a small spinning rack or book stand.