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“Falling” into Autumn & Winter—Seasonal & Sustainable kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions for Your Home or Retail Space

“Falling” into Autumn & Winter—Seasonal & Sustainable kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions for Your Home or Retail Space

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With the days getting shorter, sounds of fallen leaves rustle in the wind, and the colorful hues envelop our attention to the bountiful, captivating foliage before the sun sets, bringing with it a brisk chill that officially signifies the seasonal transition into the beautiful world of cozy autumn.

With thoughts of sipping warm apple cider fireside, warming your hands on a mug of hot cocoa, smiling foliage and cornucopia decor adorning your entrance, it is officially the season of bulky layers—jackets, coats, sweaters and winter gear alike—taking over, slowly but surely beginning to pile in shapely disheveled heaps in your entryway, hung over a doorknob, or, even strewn, slung over a banister handrail, anywhere to avoid the seemingly daunting task of maneuvering the dreaded coat closet and rack.

Seasonal organizing—and maintaining easy “grab -and -go”-access—to coats, heavy sweaters and similar wooly, lounging warm layers, more often than not, may come across as an overwhelming chore, even an unnecessary hassle: yet another snap as your bulky plastic hanger bows to the weight of your coat—a thump as a knitted wool oversize sweater slouches off the dry cleaning hanger, bringing down with it an array of toppled piles of scarves, mittens and seemingly the rest of your winter wardrobe into chaotic mounds of tangled sleeves and hoods.

Enter kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Bamboo Hangers—a sustainable, yet efficient eco-friendly lifestyle approach to organizing and displaying seasonal autumn and winter coats, sweaters, and jackets, adoring clothing racks in retail spaces and home closets alike. Environmentally conscious and always eco-friendly, kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Bamboo Hangers feature subtle hardware accents to complement the natural Bamboo finish, exuding a perfect light airiness that avoids bulking up your closet or retail space, yet sturdy enough for a variety of clothing options such as the kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Natural Bamboo Pant & Skirt Hanger, and the Natural Dress & Blouse Hanger, featuring a contoured shape, design, and product form to avoid slippage and wrinkles, while being gentle to even the softest luxurious of fabrics. Furthermore, the sustainability of bamboo paired with its natural element as a byproduct of the environment, offers sleek refined lines and accent grooves, a nod to architectural construct of minimalist living.

kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Bamboo Hangers celebrate high quality crafted materials with a slender and contoured aesthetic, strategically designed to help maintain and ensure the shape of a freshly pressed suit jacket, blouse, or silk top, simultaneously offering a fashionable way to maintain your closet or present your wardrobe. The sleek and contoured smooth finish ensures your wardrobe and garment staples will remain undamaged and wrinkle free while items are stowed away and organized for next seasons storage, out on the floor in a retail department sore, or in your own personal coat closet.

kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Skirt, Dress, Pant, and Blouse Hangers embrace both the wellness trend of nature and connecting with the outdoors, as well as the eco-friendly, environmentally savvy lifestyle conscious that can be easily accessible, viable with simple swap choices or attention to material—such as bamboo versus plastic—small steps for current and future preservation.

kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Hangers identifies, adapts, and simultaneously employs a mindset and active effort to eco conscious living and environmentally friendly sustainable solutions. For instance, the benefits of using eco-friendly coat hangers offer perks far beyond mere visual product display—causing little to no harm to the environment, the sustainability of bamboo is wholeheartedly praised as a leading material—not only for its environmentally friendly impact, but also a nod to the Bamboo plants resiliency. Both renewable and strong, bamboo is—and continues to be—one of the fastest growing plants on earth to date; durable for even the heaviest of winter coats and jackets, kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Bamboo Hangers are consistently reliable, with an inherently beautiful design to spruce an interior hanging space, closet, or room, all while offering vital economic and ecological benefits.

Given the very wonderful benefits of using environmentally conscious and eco- friendly ,sustainable materials to offer a functional yet aesthetic design solution—like kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions Bamboo Hangers, hopefully you and your loved ones may be just a tad bit inspired to hang up your coat after coming home from work or walking your dog, rather than leaving it slung over a chair.