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Fall Into Seasonal Store Decor

Fall Into Seasonal Store Decor


Summer graced us with warm temperatures, gorgeous weather and an option to keep the door open at the boutique and let happy customers flow in effortlessly. It’s hard to believe the season of sunshine ends in the near future, but that means it’s time to prepare for another fan favorite: fall! Soon, you’ll greet more people holding the coveted pumpkin spice latte ready to browse your store for the latest oversized sweaters, scarves, capes and other trending items they can wear around the apple orchard this autumn, as highlighted by Marie Claire.

Are you ready to make the seasonal transition in your store? Here are a few ways to seamlessly change your decor from summer to fall:

Change up your color scheme

Summer was all about bright, vivid shades and natural lighting. Fall intrigues a more cozy and serene feel, encouraging people to get comfortable around the fire and stroll down the pumpkin patch. Give your boutique a small facelift by exchanging those bright hues for a more toned down, neutral color scheme. Deep reds and browns make the exchange effortless and can give your store a whole new look. From accents and decor to display cubes, bases and stands, there are so many different ways to tone things down a bit and make the space more intimate for fall.

Take advantage of the changing leaves

There’s something so cozy and inviting about fall foliage. Bring the outdoors into your store by greeting guests with a display made from fallen leaves. Gather a bunch of different shades and hang them from twine to create a seasonal garland for the store. You can also glue leaves to cardstock and spray adhesive over them to avoid a crumbling mess; this is also a great way to create decorations that last more than one fall season.

Display gourds around the boutique

Nothing says fall quite like a pumpkin. Whether you want to add these festive decorations to your store-front display or place them in a stand-alone spot in the boutique, gourds are gorgeous and help indicate that your store is ready for the new season. Stack pumpkins throughout your boutique or take it a step further and display retail items amongst the gourds.

Use seasonal promotional signs

What better way to take advantage of a changing season than by offering your customers a sale? Encourage people to visit your store with promotional material that shows how much you love autumn. This fall sale sign is ideal for the seasonal transition; use it in your front store display to intrigue passers-by. Consider a sale on sweaters and other cozy items that people are getting ready to shop for this time of year.

Don’t let your summer decor hang around too long; now’s the perfect time to start making the transition and show your customers how much you love a seasonal change!