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Fall fashion trends to watch

Fall fashion trends to watch

Stocking up on the perfect clothes for the fall season is easier said than done. Shoppers and store owners have to make sure they are searching for the right styles that will be popular throughout the colder months. Here are some of the top trends that are taking over fashion runways – and should soon be appearing in retail store displays across the country:

Going gray
Perhaps the hottest color of autumn is one that was considered drab: gray. Now, however, this is a chic alternative to black and white ensembles. It also allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to accessorizing an outfit, making it easy for shoppers to wear pieces in any setting at a moment’s notice. Blazers, pants and suits will be common sights in the workplace, but wearing the shade with style means mixing and matching tones for a unique look. By having several different shades and materials in your store, you can provide your customers with everything they need to successfully don gray clothing.

The secret to rocking gray like a star is mixing in a pop of color to accentuate the outfit. So when purchasing mannequins for sale, consider dressing them up to include scarves, bags or shoes that act as a fun accent. Those who are drawn to color may want to consider deep blue tones, such as cobalt. Small touches of this gorgeous hue can perk up an outfit and add pizzazz to anything from casual wear to workplace ensembles.

The leather look
The punk style has been rising throughout 2013, and it appears this trend will continue into the fall. Leather jackets, pants, bags and accessories should all be popular with customers, and as the weather slowly transitions from warm summer temperatures, the extra padding on a leather jacket may be just what shoppers are looking for.

Leather also provides a way to show an edge while still being sophisticated and stylish. If you are trying to attract a slightly younger clientele, then the material may be a great way to appeal to their innovative fashion choices.

Sweaters are always in style
Sweaters are an autumn staple, and they have been for years. There’s no sign of this trend slowing down, so retailers will want to make sure they have a wide variety of sweaters to offer customers. Everything from chunky, cozy tops to professional cardigans will be in demand this season, and it is essential that stores keep stacks of the pieces folded on shelves and displayed on hanging forms.

Bold jackets
Most people across the U.S. have to get used to wearing jackets as they acclimate to the cooler temperatures. However, necessary doesn’t have to mean boring – in fact, there are plenty of opportunities to turn these coats into bold pieces that you can build an outfit around. There are even ways to incorporate several of these styles into one. For example, you can choose a leather coat or a jacket that comes with gray prints or cobalt coloring.

“I’d rather go with a statement coat that will turn heads, whether that has a really big collar, it’s belted or maybe you choose to go loud with a great pattern, maybe a plaid color blocking or leather details,” Lauren Rothman, an author and stylist, told The Washington Post.

If your store is stocked with a few bold jackets, you should do your best to include them in window displays. Having alluring mannequins in the display may even draw in shoppers who have not previously been to your store.