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Extra! Extra! Read all about it on these literature rack choices

Extra! Extra! Read all about it on these literature rack choices


Whether you work in a bookstore, gift shop or similar boutique that sells reading material of some sort, you know that literature racks are an indispensable and necessary item for displaying your merchandise. Your store doesn’t have to be filled with bookshelves; there are plenty of different types of display racks available that you can use both conventionally for books and uniquely for promotional material and other goods in your inventory.

Need help choosing your next display? Here are a few options and ways to use them in your store:

1. Hang brochures near the checkout counter

Brochures should be placed strategically in a way that encourages customers to ask you for more information. Hang acrylic brochure holders on the wall near checkout to entice consumers to ask questions. This item also keeps literature organized and saves you counter space that can be used to display valuable merchandise.

2. Place books vertically in a literature rack

Bookshelves can come in handy, but not every reader is inspired to pick up a book by the look of its spine. Give your customers exactly what they want by displaying reading material on a literature rack. Not only does this piece of furniture allow you to show off the most important visual aspect of the book, but it can also save you space on the retail floor for other products.

3. Display cards in a spinning rack

Spinning racks are traditional for displaying cards, and with good reason. Not only do they offer an easier way for your customers to browse, but spinning racks can save you room, especially when placed on a countertop.

4. Arrange novelty items on a counter spinner

Counter spinner wire racks are perfect for just about any type of boutique. If you’re a bookstore and you also specialize in novelty items or accessories, you can benefit from a counter spinner. Display everything from key chains and adorned bookmarks, to necklaces, bracelets and even snacks. Remember to place this rack at the counter to intrigue customers to take one last look at your merchandise before completing a purchase.

5. Present promotional material in literature holders

Advertisements and social media marketing make it very easy to let customers know about promotions before they enter the brick and mortar store. This doesn’t mean you should stop advertising when they make it to your boutique, however. Use literature holders to put promotional material on display throughout the store, as point-of-purchase signage can be very efficient in getting sales, according to The Balance.

Organization and consumer convenience should always be a top priority in your store. Browse through the literature display options at Firefly Store Solutions today to find the best rack for your boutique.