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Express individuality without losing functionality

Express individuality without losing functionality

Who says that functional can’t be fun as well? Many small business owners mistakenly think that a clean, professional store interior should be austere and unadorned. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Adding some zest to practical store displays can give your product character and can be good for business too, while maintaining the space’s utility for customer convenience. A unique space will market your product by customizing your brand, drawing positive attention to your store and encouraging customers and passersby to take a look inside.

Business versus busy-ness
When decorating your store, keep in mind that little touches can go a long way. Thoughtfully coupling more colorful or unique pieces with standard display fixtures allows the accents to stand out. For instance, if you want to spice up your collection of jersey forms, select a few patterned covers to intersperse among one or two of the models, contrasting the remaining figures in black or another neutral tone. Offset all-white appliances like hangers and shelving units with a couple of wooden accent pieces. Using this approach can highlight new or special items that you really want customers to notice while preventing your store from becoming too busy. Likewise, when it comes to picking standout items for your store, stick to one theme. You want to create a sense of continuity in your store so that patrons can focus on your product instead of becoming distracted. Map out your plans before executing them, and then look at the big picture. How do your accents relate to each other? Do they complement each other or clash?

Switching planes
A simple way to maximize your store’s utility while adding appeal is to think multidimensionally. Look at how your products are displayed and consider how each store fixture utilizes space. Are most of your display appliances standing fixtures like tables of the same height, or have you diversified by presenting your merchandise on various levels? Have your business’s walls been purposed for decoration only, or has the area become functional with vertical shelving and hooks? Even unused floor space can be utilized by adding large floor baskets to showcase stackable or loose objects. Just like with accent pieces, you want to be sure not to overwhelm customers with variety. You want to use extra spots, but leave some breathing room for patrons to take in what you have to offer. The most practical area will be the one that effectively and creatively markets your product, not the one that crams as much as possible into every nook and cranny.

Simplify, simplify simplify
Who doesn’t love convenience? Make your customers’ lives easier and boost sale possibilities by placing similar or corresponding items within close proximity of each other. Think about how department stores pair articles of clothing with matching accessories in store displays. You can mirror this method by creating stylish “outfits,” regardless of what merchandise you have to offer. For example, choose a highly functional piece of displayware like a table set, and use each level to showcase separate but complementary items. For a more direct approach, you can use your merchandise like props to create scenes that emphasize a product’s utility. An effective and practical computer store display might be designed to look like an actual office or workspace, complete with a desk, electronic appliances, a chair and additional desktop accessories. When customers can relate to your product, they may be more likely to recognize it as an asset in their daily lives.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you turn boring into beautiful, while maintaining the functionality that your customers appreciate.