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Explore the new world of store fixtures: 2014 catalog

Explore the new world of store fixtures: 2014 catalog

Looking for something to spice your retail space? If you’re planning to redesign or refresh your shop this year, then be sure to check out Firefly Store Solutions’ 2014 catalogWith the latest in retail style, you can find all of your store needs – from colorful mannequins and models to the finishing touches that will catch customers’ attention. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

C3 Color Collection
Do your mannequins look tired or like they’re in need of an upgrade? If you’re concerned about monotony in your space, then try out a pop of color with an item from the C3 Custom Color collection. There’s nothing like a splash of shade when it comes to highlighting specific merchandise or drawing attention to special sales. Some of the most popular pieces are the C3 mannequins, which offer both visual appeal and versatility. Each custom piece is available in a wide range of hues and comes in a sophisticated high-gloss finish. Any shop can be accentuated with one of these figures, which are offered in a variety of poses and shapes to perfectly accommodate your store displays.

If you’re looking for color in another capacity, check out the C3 apparel units, such as the 4-Way Rack, Custom Color Double Bar or Round Rack. For a more subtle effect, add just a touch of shade with a jersey form accent like a custom color neck block or base in either wood or metal.

Hanson Group
Have you considered looking to a design group for decorating your store? With the help of a custom collection, creating an eye-catching interior has never been easier. Plus, new additions mean you don’t have to worry about your look becoming outdated. New pieces in the Hanson Collection, for instance, include stylish display tables that merge multiple materials for a stunning effect. The four-legged piece, which you can check out in the full online catalog, features qualities of both an open and closed unit. The top resembles a closed display case, complete with glass paneling, while the bottom includes a square shelf to maximize efficiency.

Finishing touches
Of course, it’s not just the major store fixtures that will catch guests’ attention. Amp up your efforts by implementing little accentuations that make a big visual statement. Custom garlands in designs such as dragonfly or butterfly add just the right amount of glitz and glamour – particularly perfect in a boutique design. Or you can improve your labeling by utilizing custom items like the gold jewelry tags.