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Everyone needs a back-to-school bag: How will you display them?

Everyone needs a back-to-school bag: How will you display them?

Whether heading back to the playground, college campus or simply renewing a wardrobe for fall, many people are looking for bags for the autumn back-to-school season. Backpacks, handbags and briefcases will be in high demand this fall, so it's important that stores know how to display them properly.

Of course, how you display your bags in your windows and display tables largely depends on what type of merchandise you are selling. Canvas bags may look great hung from a wall rack in masses, but displaying high-end leather handbags in this way will cheapen and potentially damage them.

If your store sells trendy handbags, purses or briefcases, consider setting up a display solely for them. Arrange the bags by color or style, particularly if you have a variety of options to show off. When you do this, it is also a good idea to have the bags modeled by mannequins throughout the store in order to show shoppers how to wear the bag (and show how good it looks with your other merchandise!)

Backpacks are slightly simpler to display, but the same techniques should be employed. Place your top seller on a child mannequin near a display of similar styles, or consider hanging the backpacks on the wall and stuffing them with school or camping gear to show off their capacities.