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Enticing ways to display 2016 summer fashion trends

Enticing ways to display 2016 summer fashion trends

One exciting aspect of the changing of the seasons is when you add new items to your inventory. Getting shoppers excited about new fashion trends isn’t just good business, it will improve your overall marketing strategy and spread positive word of mouth. As you build your reputation as a location to find the hottest items of the season, your customers will be more likely to tell their friends about your shop.

To get started, let’s take a look at some of 2016’s newest fashion trends.

White and white
As temperatures increase, shoppers will be on the lookout for articles of clothing that are cool in every sense of the word. Harpar’s Bazaar noted that all-white outfits are becoming a big trend this year. White tops with white skirts or pants will keep the wearer cool and show off their eye for style. Accentuate this look using your signature color on one of our C3 Custom Color Mannequins. It’s also smart to place some eye-popping, colorful accessories nearby. They make wonderful add-on purchases.

Cross-body bags
According to Elle magazine, leather cross-body bags are one of the must-have items this summer. These bags are made of genuine leather and feature a compact size. They should complement the wearer’s outfit rather than distract from it. These cross-body bags are a very modern look, and you need to create that same feeling with your in-store display. Consider our maple display table set for displaying dark objects – the light wood really makes them pop out for the customer.

White chinos
For men’s summer fashion trends, be on the lookout for light colored clothing. The Trend Spotter reported that white chino pants are a great look for the summer. Whether your shoppers are city dwellers or suburbanites, this relaxed look will work really well. Use a male mannequin to pair the chinos with a preppy gray or light blue shirt. The better the customer can visualize the outfit, the better.

Nail accessories
Even if your boutique is focused on clothing, it’s a great idea to have a few smaller items near the checkout counter. A store with a jewelry section would also benefit from having some impulse purchase items nearby. Take for example, nail accessories. Fenzyme reported that graphics and jewels are fun nail accessories for the summer season. Display a few options with our burlap jewelry case for a great summery feel.

“Canary yellow is the color of the season.”

Canary Yellow
Summer is all about showing off your style with vibrant colors. This year, canary yellow dresses are a flirty way for savvy shoppers to strut their stuff, according to Glamour. The lively color makes a statement that tells the world you’re ready for fun. Display sun dresses on a charcoal female mannequin for optimal effect.

Make your summer fashion displays vibrant, and shoppers will flock to your store. Remember to have fun with your layout – your enjoyment will shine through and create a welcoming environment for new and returning customers.