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Entice your customers’ senses with store updates

Entice your customers’ senses with store updates

Most store owners understand creating a visually pleasing layout in their shop is key to keeping customers happy, and more importantly getting them to come back. However, there are a few sensory and hands-on updates you can make to offer consumers even more reasons to continue to choose your store over similar outlets.

Giving your store a signature scent will help customers remember their shopping experience, as smell is the sense most heavily linked to memory. You can achieve this by setting out mellow scented diffusers or candles on your display tables that will keep your space smelling fresh. Avoid overly sweet or spicy smells like cookie dough or cinnamon. Instead, opt for a neutral scent, like clean linens.

If your gift shop offers gourmet goods like olives, jams or specialty chocolates, try to make these options more enticing by offering samples. This not only helps promote the products you sell, but can help shoppers feel more at ease while browsing the isles.

Being creative with your store displays can also go along way. Placing coarse sand or rice inside a triple divided tray and then putting pieces of jewelry or other accessories on top will appeal to shoppers' sense of touch when they go to pick up the products. This technique may also help your store stand out even more in their minds.