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Entice customers with an Endless Summer store display

Entice customers with an Endless Summer store display

Swimsuit season is almost here and businesses around the nation are working to come up with creative ways to display the best in beachwear for 2012.

A great way for stores to showcase their new merchandise is to create a summer surf scene, similar to the classic documentary, "The Endless Summer." The well-known movie poster represents summer perfectly and can be easily recreated.

To achieve this fun and hip scene, stores will need a hot pink backdrop and orange toned hues to mimic the setting sun and the warm sand. The movie poster also showcases three surfers – one in the foreground and two in the background. In the original scene all the people are men, but stores can update the model with one or two female mannequins or hair mannequins to display fun scarves and bikinis. Owners will also need a few surfboards to complete the vibe – and these can easily be made out of cardboard.

Once all of the materials are gathered, start by putting down an orange/yellow fabric on the floor of the display. Next, drape the hot pink fabric along the back wall and then cut out a setting sun in the orange/yellow fabric to attach to the middle of the pink fabric. Place one mannequin close to the store front glass in its best beach attire and place two more close to the back wall. Add in the surfboards to complete this stellar window shop scene.