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Entice customers to buy reusable bags

Entice customers to buy reusable bags

At this point, it’s common knowledge that paper and plastic shopping bags aren’t the most environmentally friendly options. Supermarkets have been promoting reusable shopping bags for years, and it’s time for other stores to join the trend and make an impact over time.

Although plastic bags are often less expensive for retailers to buy and their use has been part of our culture for so long, it can be difficult to transition. However, there are plenty of benefits to selling reusable bags.

What are the merits?
The most common reason people buy reusable shopping bags is to ease the environmental burden caused by paper and plastic sacks. Paper bags require trees to be cut down and plastic ones sit in landfills for decades. Whether you as a business-owner are passionate about Mother Earth or you have customers who are, these bags are a great alternative.

Reusable totes themselves are more convenient than plastic bags. They’re sturdier and bigger so customers can carry more. It’s also easy to use the bags in various scenarios, from toting library books to gym clothes. Whole Foods Magazine recommended washing reusable bags regularly, especially if they’re used to carry food, because most can just be tossed in the laundry and hung to dry.

How can you promote them?
If you decide to stock your store with reusable shopping bags, you should have a plan for selling that inventory. Grocery stores often charge $1 for similar bags, but you don’t necessarily need to price them as low. Instead, offer some type of promotion or discount to customers who buy a bag or two.

The most logical place to display your reusable bag selection is near the cash register, since that’s where they typically come into play. However, you can also arrange the bags on a rotating slatwall display fixture next to the entrance. Hang the bags on slatwall hooks so customers can grab one as they come in, use it like a shopping basket while they browse then buy it with the rest of their purchases.