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End-of-year sales: Buying for next year

End-of-year sales: Buying for next year

In the midst of clearing out your store during end-of-year sales, you’ll probably start to recognize areas in which your inventory needs refreshing. Fortunately, the beginning of the year is a great time to stock up on items that you’ll need over the coming months. Use these guidelines to go through your current inventory and consider what purchases may be helpful for ensuring smooth operations in your store:

New and improved
Look over the basic display fixtures in your store – do they look clean and fresh, or a bit outdated and in need of an upgrade? The beginning of the year is a good time to purchase new store fixtures to replace those that are beginning to show their wear. Make a list of store necessities and then take a walk around your store, examining each item. For example, apparel retailers might want to check pieces like hangers, display racks and mannequins in particular.

Concerning item sets, you might also consider investing in new pieces to add to a collection. For instance, if you have mannequins in your store displays, you could add another few figures in different poses or colors. The same is true for jersey models, which can easily be updated with a new selection of form covers.

Changing styles
If you’ve been thinking about giving your space a complete overhaul, why not do it now? The end-of-year sales typically contribute approximately 40 percent of a retailer’s total annual profits, so by the time the beginning of the year rolls around, you’ll have a good idea about how much extra capital you have for redecorating.

Not sure if you’ve got the energy for an entire redo? Make it easy for yourself and opt for pieces from a display collection like the Hanson, Boutique or Raw Steel set. If you’re feeling more ambitious, there are plenty of unique items to pick from to create your own customized look.

However, you don’t have to get extreme with your decorating efforts to freshen the space. Even a few small accents can take the look of your shop to a different level or in a new direction. Try out some boutique fixtures with curlicue features to create an artistic appearance, or opt for steel and wooden pieces for a more modern, industrial style.