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Easy ways to update your clothing racks

Easy ways to update your clothing racks

It’s been a long summer, and if you’re still trying to get rid of summer merchandise at your store, updating your clothing racks and store displays might be the extra push the shop needs to get rid of items.

One way to breathe life into a display of clothing is to rearrange the garments by color. Complementary colors look good together, but arranging all items of similar colors together may be even more aesthetically pleasing, drawing customers to the rack. Group your shirts, dresses and pants in shades of yellow, gold, orange and chartreuse together on one rack, and do the same for cooler shades on another rack.

Another way to update a clothing display is to switch out all the hangers. Even though hangers are covered by the clothing for the most part, their appearance can have a significant impact on the appearance of your display – especially if they don’t match. Choosing high-quality wooden or wire hangers can give your rack a cohesive appearance that will make shoppers more likely to approach it.