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Easy steps for creating modern store displays

Easy steps for creating modern store displays

Modern store displays are all about two simple things: shape and color. Fortunately for shop owners, incorporating these contemporary touches is possible on any budget with little effort. Keep these principles in mind when giving your store a modern makeover:

Go bold
Perhaps the most noticeable attribute of any modern store design is the color palette. When business owners want to update their interior design, vivid shades and a wide array of colors may come to mind, but simplicity is actually the key to contemporary concepts. Begin by selecting two neutral colors, one darker and one lighter, that complement each another. Incorporating the two-toned look into your store fixtures can be as easy as painting walls a pale gray and featuring darker display cases and sleek black hangers, which make a bold statement without straying from the color palette. While many current designs stick to this approach, others do include an additional burst of color. For instance, a black-and-gray interior could be tastefully offset with several C3 custom color mannequins in a single vivid shade of your choosing. The stark contrast adds visual appeal while maintaining the contemporary mood.

Shape up
Modern store designs often feature large, distinct shapes. Look for display fixtures with angular features, such as a USO showcase or cube standing shelves, or circular pieces, which can offer a similar sense of symmetry and modernity. When designing your store, focus should be on height as well as shape. If most of your display shelving and cases are low-lying and wide, consider mixing up the look with a taller, thinner piece like glass display cubes or a vertical row of darker shelving. Likewise, balance the number of tall fixtures in your store with items that have lower-set or boxier designs.

Add an accent 
Even with a splash of color, angular features and monochromatic tones may require an additional accent to emphasize your store’s unique qualities. Take inspiration from the professionally-designed Asobio store in Japan, which incorporated a gentle leaf pattern on the walls and flooring to balance the shop’s otherwise stark lines and color scheme. An occasional rhinestone swirl or other whimsical design in a neutral shade or your desired third color can draw customer’s attention to specific items and personalize your space. Another option for accenting your shop is to include angular clear acrylic or glass features, which offer textural variety and complement the contemporary atmosphere without interrupting patterns in tone and shape.