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Easter concepts for your front window display

Easter concepts for your front window display

Easter is nearly here, and though it may not bring in the type of revenue retailers see during the winter holiday season, it’s certainly a time when people will be out and about. This means you can use your store window to your advantage and draw in some Easter celebrants. Here are a few ideas on how to catch the attention of shoppers with your window display.

Pastels galore
Everyone knows that pastels are the hues of Easter. Light blues, pinks, yellows and greens remind us of the new life of spring. You can bring this to your storefront by using plenty of pastel colors in your front window. First, gather some wholesale ribbon or tissue paper in the right hues and use them to line the floor and back wall of your window. Next, you’ll want to place a few adult and child mannequins in the window, and be sure they’re wearing colors that match the background. The clothes don’t have to be fancy “Sunday bests” – even trendy clothes will pop against a pastel background.

Babies and eggs
Eggs are one of the biggest symbols of Easter, and they can be a fun motif to incorporate into your front window. Pick up a few plastic eggs and place them among the goods you’re showcasing on your display tables and wall racks in your front window. In addition to eggs, you can hammer home the Easter theme by purchasing a few stuffed chicks or baby rabbits, as these animals are also associated with the holiday. Even better – if you operate a toy store that sells plush animals, use a whole bunch of them for your entire window theme.

A spring in your step
Looking for something that you can leave up long after Easter has passed? Then you may want to go for a more toned-down springtime theme. One of the most exciting things about Easter is that it heralds the new, warm season, so you can capitalize on this by making an outdoorsy scene in your front window. Use fake grass or gift wrap on the floor of the display, and then place mannequins wearing summery clothing (or even sports gear) out front. You can incorporate baseball bats, soccer balls, kites, bouquets or anything else you sell that reminds you of what makes spring such a fabulous season.