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Earth-toned jewelry displays will tie your fall merchandise together

Earth-toned jewelry displays will tie your fall merchandise together

In the coming weeks, you’ll be clearing out your summer inventory (if you haven’t already!) and moving in the latest fall trends. And just as one season transitions to the next, you should think about changing your store displays. This season, gold jewelry is coming back in a big way, said JKC magazine. Trays in complementary colors will tie your autumn displays together nicely.

This season: subdued colors and flashing gold
Fall colors, which tend to be earth-toned, can look dull if displayed on a tray meant for brighter, more colorful pieces. Sometimes it’s okay to use the same displays throughout the year, but when tailoring a section of your store to an autumnal theme, switch out your well-used jewelry displays for ones that add to the ambiance. A burlap lace ring tray achieves a great balance of theme continuity and subtly. You want your displays to fit with your motif, but not attract more attention than the pieces they’re displaying.

Women’s Wear Daily identified a trend of black and gold jewelry for this coming season. Gold bands will call out to customers from a burlap bracelet display. Accompanying clothing trends are warm colored with an occasional heavy splash of dark royal blue. This autumn, expect fashion-forward customers to be dressing themselves in rich, subdued colors augmented with a few pieces of ebony and gold.

Display trays are fun and functional.

Keep thinking in green
As we’ve discussed on the blog previously, eco-friendly displays can actually help boost your business. Burlap is an all-natural material, typically made from hemp. Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate this little detail in your store. It’s not enough just to have one flashy eco-friendly piece – the idea has to touch every aspect of your establishment. Not only will this save you money, but your patrons will notice the difference. Stand out in everything you do and everything that represents you, from your front signage down to your jewelry displays.

When posting on social media, include pictures of your products as displayed in these environmentally friendly cases. Start the conversation on this topic, and watch as your customers take up your message and pass it along.

Sight lines and space are important
As we mentioned above, you want to design a cohesive motif in which to display your products. Not only should your jewelry be displayed properly by itself, but it should fit in with the surrounding products. Always display matching clothes and accessories nearby. Once you’ve secured one sale, it’s that much easier to get a second. Every step your customer has to take to locate an accompanying item is one more than you want. To ensure your jewelry displays are working in tandem with your clothing racks, pay close attention to sight lines. Richard Hammond, author of “Smart Retail: Winning Ideas and Strategies From The Most Successful Retailers In The World,” said that customers often need to be led around a store by visual cues. When peering over a display of rings, potential outfit combinations should be clearly visible to the shopper.

Start preparing for fall now and make sure you have all the supplies you need to make a complete showcase.