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Dressing the feet of all your customers

Dressing the feet of all your customers

Snow may be on the ground in some parts of the country, but most people can't wait for dry grounds and some great weather. The first day of spring is tomorrow, so you'll want to take advantage of the change in seasons by coaxing your customers to pick up some fabulous new footwear.

Kid's shoes
Prominently set up shoes that meet your customer demographic on display tables at the front of your store. If you typically cater to children, arrange both boys' and girls' shoes on different tables. By grouping them separately, moms won't have to dig to find what they're looking for.

Think about putting some colorful laces on the display tables, complete with signs that show them off. Kids love getting creative, and the crazy patterned laces may catch their eye, leading to an add-on sale for you.

Men's shoes
When it comes to displaying men's shoes, you might want to consider displaying some fun-colored dress socks. As men's shoes are typically monotone in color, you'll want to find some way to make them stand out.

If you sell sporting shoes, be sure to keep golf at front and center of the display table, as this is a common sport for springtime. Consider using creative marketing such as "Better Than a Hole in One" or "Shoes for the Par." Boat shoes are another popular men's style in spring and summer, so consider going with a nautical theme and possibly having a life preserver displayed next to your kicks.

Women's shoes
As women tend to be the biggest shoppers of the household, it's important to pay close attention to this demographic. With so many fun colors in ladies' footwear, this is a great idea to showcase these shoes in a way that is both eye-catching in fun.

In your window display, you could set up a number of different shades to create a rainbow pattern. Or, if you're feeling really girly, arrange similar-colored shoes with the toes pointed together in a circle. This will create the illusion of a flower display.

As women are often complaining about foot pain caused by wearing heels and other fashionable designs, consider placing some foot cushions next to your high heels. These make for great add-ons for girls want to wear the latest fashions in heels but don't want to deal with the discomfort.