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Dressing the college graduates

Dressing the college graduates

As it comes time to get your diploma, you may have a lot of mixed emotions going through your head. However, worrying about the heat should not be one of them. This is why it’s important for students to dress appropriately for the big day, as the caps and gowns can sometimes radiate heat. Shopping for graduation is a must, and store owners need to be able to get students around the country ready for their walk across the podium.

Properly marketing your graduation ensembles
Start by putting up some store signs that say “Congratulations Graduates!” Perhaps they can include mentions of the local school mascot or the school name. “Class of 2013” is also an appropriate shout out. You’ll want to buy some mannequins for sale and dress them up in some of your most breathable fashions underneath a cap and gown. This way, students who are simply shopping around will see the window display and come inside for a closer look.

Display appropriate attire
Breathable fabric is essential for students, as the heavy material of the gowns can make people feel as though they’re in a sauna. Schools typically have dress codes that require dresses for girls and dress pants and button downs for boys. If you own an apparel shop, it’s a good idea to let graduates know you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.

You’ll want to stick to light colored fabrics, as many school robes are somewhat see-through. This means that bright colors and vibrant patterns are ruled out as appropriate graduation attire. This is more problematic for the fashionable girls, who no doubt have had this season’s latest mixed patterns and neon hues on the brain.

Don’t forget the footwear
While most people’s outfits are concealed by the robes, one item of attire everyone will be able to see is shoes. It’s important that stores have presentable footwear on display, as sneakers and flip flops are not the typical choice for a formal event like graduation. Instead, use some display tables to showcase your formal footwear, such as pumps for girls and dress shoes for boys. For more breathable options, consider boat shoes and open-toed sandals. Although these are slightly more casual, they’ll be more popular with heat-conscious students.