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Dress up your mannequins for Mother’s Day

Dress up your mannequins for Mother’s Day

As the sun begins to shine longer, the spring and summer holidays are slowly beginning to creep up. These events offer your store many chances to run special promotions and offers, but you need to be prepared for them. Your store displays provide you with an outlet to let people know of these impending opportunities while also showcasing your products. Now, Mother’s Day is approaching and the crowds of children eager to show their love and appreciation will be looking to find the perfect gift for their moms. Get your display tables and store racks ready to provide them with one.

Give them the whole package
Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion for shoppers to get a new outfit for that special woman in their lives. There’s no better way to exhibit what your shop has to offer customers than with the mannequins in your store. Decorate your female mannequins in the best clothes you have and move them to your window displays. There are models available of all shapes and colors ranging from the featureless to the more realistic, giving you ample choices for your own unique creations.

Even if your customers aren’t looking for a complete outfit, they may find one or two things they like on your mannequins, so go all out. Adorn your models with all of your accessories. It’s the one day of the year where people are given a reason to spoil their mothers, so ensure you have everything they could possibly need on the floor.

For the mannequins that can’t wear any footwear, include shoe displays close by to remind shoppers of this important piece of attire. If you don’t have anymore room for all of your jewelry, put out additional stands. Dress everything up in light and bright colors to go hand-in-hand with the changing season. You may even incorporate flowers in your displays to mirror one of the more popular gifts of the holiday.

Everyone has a different style and taste when it comes to gifts, especially important ones. Some people splurge on those who mean most to them and get them everything they want. Others search for as long as it takes to find that one special gift that’ll make their mothers know how beloved they are.

A scene from the past
If you want to get a little more creative, you can set up some happy scenes with your figures that can be reminiscent of people’s pasts. General moments of a mother and her child are sure to evoke the emotions everyone is thinking about around Mother’s Day. Deploy any child mannequins you have to reflect bygone memories that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

With mannequins available in a variety of positions, you can set up picturesque clips of a mother walking with her child or sitting down, watching her kid play. Images like this will help shoppers connect with what the day is all about, and your store will give them a way to show their appreciation.

Even the people shopping for a new mother have the possibility to get a heartfelt gift if you dress your female and child mannequins in matching clothes. The outfits don’t have to be exact and could instead just exhibit similar styles and colors, but the message will be clear. This is a good way to either attach children’s clothes to people’s Mother’s Day gifts or to just stir up the feelings of joy shoppers could be feeling.

When people aren’t shopping for themselves, they approach the process a different way. Either they’ll pick the first thing they see or they’ll give it heavy consideration. No matter which route they choose, the mannequins at the front of your store will be waiting to give moms everywhere the best gifts you have to offer.