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Dreamy cream: incorporating white into store displays

Dreamy cream: incorporating white into store displays

Making merchandise stand out in your store is always a goal, but can be a challenge if all of your store fixtures are monochromatic. Display features in white and cream offer a clean canvas and a crisp appearance, and they match with any shop décor, but you have to be careful not to let too much white wash out your interior. Here are some tips for dressing up a monochromatic theme:

Go for two-toned effect
Pair a light color like cream with a darker tone or bold hue for a complementary theme that helps white fixtures pop. For instance, display tables in white would be more eye-catching over carpeting in a rich brown or gray than beige-colored flooring. Remember that walls make the backdrop of your store as well, and so white wall space can wash out the effect of lighter pieces like display cases and circular racks.

For a more subtle contrast than painting your backdrop black, look for a warm tan or caramel color of paint. Hint: this shade also helps disguise some of the scuffing and marks that can occur during regular traffic through your store.

Dress it up
You don’t need a lot of accessories to artfully detail your display fixtures. Try adding fabric or little accents that break up a sea of white. For example, have you considered a set of wooden bowls or candles? These classic pieces are particularly fitting for a boutique display and can be incorporated with other structures throughout your store. Antique accenting goes well with hanging wall fixtures like decorative hooks and shelving options, and darker hangers might be just the way to draw customers’ eyes to an otherwise white item such as a rack or shelving unit. During the holidays, you can get seasonal by incorporating gift wrap and wholesale ribbon into your display as well.

Play with light
Fluorescent bulbs might cast a harsh glare on a light-colored store interior, so you’ll want to explore some softer options. String and strand lighting are flexible, simple to install and – most importantly – a gentler alternative to overhead lamps and fixtures. Try including one of the many varieties into your regular design or seasonal display windows. Options include weather-proof strands and decorative strings like rose tea lights.