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Draw in back-to-school shoppers with classic school supplies

Draw in back-to-school shoppers with classic school supplies

Does your store sell pencils, crayons, rulers and other grade school necessities? It doesn't matter, because no matter your merchandise, you can incorporate these back-to-school classics into your store displays for visuals that will catch the eyes of shoppers.


Whether you choose the classic Crayola hues or something else, involving this drawing tool in some aspect of your display is a surefire way to create a back-to-school theme. Not only is it sure to be colorful and eye-popping, people will have to stop to see how a clothing store has used these grade school supplies to spice up a display.

Create wreaths with brand new crayons and hang them as a backdrop in your window displays. Having a sale? Spell out SALE in crayons to push that back-to-school theme.


Nothing is a more classic symbol of back to school than the good old number 2 pencil. The yellow, tan, pink and black color combo of a pencil is unmistakable, making it the perfect way to attract some school shoppers.

Create vases using sharpened pencils and use them to display flowers or another accent piece that will brighten up your window display. Put jars of pencils near your child mannequins to create a classroom scene, or create frames in which to display your fall signage.


You may not have had a geography lesson in ages, but nothing says "classroom" quite like a good old world map. Whether you get one that's multicolored or blue and green, maps make perfect backdrops for almost any back-to-school items you want to display.

For a shabby-chic look, make a massive collage in your window display of a variety of maps mixed together. If you use headless mannequins, another fun take on this theme could be to put globes in place of your mannequins' heads when you display your finest back-to-school clothes.