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Dos and don’ts for Black Friday retailers

Dos and don’ts for Black Friday retailers

The day after Thanksgiving is always one of the biggest holiday shopping events of the year, as many retailers offer incredible discounts on the hottest gift items. Whether you have a successful Black Friday depends on your preparation, store organization and customer service, so here are some dos and don'ts for the big day.

Do start planning (and promoting) now
Every year, advertisements for Christmas start earlier and earlier. That's why you, as a store owner, need to start letting your customers know you're planning a big event for Black Friday. Start out with a web campaign – you can do a countdown to Black Friday on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Use store signs to promote your sales as the date gets closer. You can also use fliers and online coupons to draw business in the door.

Don't let your competitors outshine you
If you're in a shopping mall or retail district, you may be feeling intimidated by the number of stores in your area trying to capitalize on this shopping holiday. But there are ways to make your store stand out, even if you aren't offering the most outrageous sales on the block. Decorating your store inside and out is the best way to draw attention to your shop, so go all out in the days leading up to Black Friday by purchasing extra mannequins and placing them in your storefront window.

Do keep your store floor neat and tidy
Your customers may enjoy a "cozy" atmosphere in your store, but on Black Friday, you can expect to be inundated with frantic shoppers looking for an easy "in-and-out" experience. For this reason, you should try and minimize the amount of items of the floor by putting them on tiered display tables. Order extra hangers and replace store fixtures to make sure everything looks clean on the big day.

Don't bombard shoppers with too many choices
It can be tempting to make everything you offer fly off the shelves on Black Friday, but a wise retailer will pick and choose. Find the best items that will likely be hot sellers, and showcase those as your big ticket items. Once you've put these in obvious places, you can put smaller items nearby, so customers will see them and grab them on their way out.