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Don’t underestimate the power of paper!

Don’t underestimate the power of paper!

You may stock up on tissue paper, bags and other bulk retail supplies for your store, but paper products can also be used to create a stunning window display. Stationery stores such as Paper Source and Papyrus frequently use paper in their displays to show off their merchandise, but you don't have to sell these materials to use them to decorate your store window. Try these three paper techniques to dress up your storefront today!

Paper leaves
Most stores will incorporate the beautiful fall foliage into their displays somehow this season, and paper is the perfect material with which to do so. The texture of paper is extremely close to leaves, after all, and the variety of colors of paper makes it easy to create an eye-catching display.

Cut leaf shapes of all different colors out of tissue paper, and arrange them around the entire frame of the window. The tissue paper will be just transparent enough to give a warm fall glow inside your store, and will create a beautiful display from the outside of the store, making passersby feel like they are peering into a fall forest.

Garlands and wreaths
You can also use paper to create beautiful fall garlands and wreaths. Cut out a variety of leaf shapes in different colors of cardstock paper, then fold the ends over a long string and glue. Once finished, you can hang this leaf garland in your front window for a handmade, rustic autumn decoration. You can also arrange the paper leaves into a flat garland shape and hang in the window or another store display.

Going three-dimensional
Just because paper is flat, it doesn't mean the decorations you make out of it have to be. If you are at all familiar with origami, you know that paper can be folded and bent into a variety of shapes. You can also cut and bend paper in nontraditional ways to create classic fall items like pumpkins, acorns and other items.

To make paper pumpkins or gourds, cut two different shades of orange paper into thin, even strips, then make each one into an oval-shaped loop. Arrange the loops inside one another so they form a spherical, 3D shape. Add stems and leaves for even more autumn charm!