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Don’t Panic, Save the Planet! Try These Environmentally-Friendly Display Option Ideas

Don’t Panic, Save the Planet! Try These Environmentally-Friendly Display Option Ideas

Climate change continues to be a major discussion point today. The more action we take to save the planet, the more opportunity we give future generations. Tasks as simple as opting for fewer one-use plastic items, recycling more often and conserving energy are among the many ways we can contribute to a better environment. As a store owner, you can also take part in these eco-friendly responsibilities among many others that encourage your boutique to remain conscious of the planet.

Today, many businesses strive to be as environmentally sound as possible, according to Ladders. Consider the following green solutions that you can incorporate into your store:

Offer eco-friendly gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper

When your customers leave your store with an item in hand, you want them to feel confident about the product. The same sentiment is true when it comes to the gift wrap or bags you're using. If you want to make a statement and be more environmentally conscious, consider eco-friendly gift wrap, tissue paper, bags and boxes.

Firefly Store Solutions has various options to choose from made of 100% recycled paper. When you offer these options in your store, you give your customers a decision to make: Should I contribute to a better planet, or avoid making a change? Eco-friendly packaging encourages others to take part in improving the community and can help you feel better about spreading awareness as a business. This is a simple gesture that can make a major impact on your customers.

Put garments on display with eco-friendly hangers and mannequins

Don't just make your customers feel better when they leave the store – extend the feeling that comes with using eco-friendly items throughout your boutique! There are several ways to show you care for the planet when it comes to the materials used in your store to put merchandise on display. 

Remember: Most of the environmentally thoughtful changes you can make in your store can also be more cost-efficient, giving you more than one reason to make the switch. Sugarcane hangers, for example, are made of 50% reusable plastic and 50% sugarcane, making them 100% biodegradable. Because there are natural differences in the fibers of the sugarcane, each hanger is unique and can add character to your store. Sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo hangers are also a great option reflecting the same sentiment.

Eco-friendly mannequins are great for putting full outfits on display. Made of PVC plastic, these are ideal conversation starters when you're excited to share the changes you've made to your store with customers who are focused on taking better care of the earth.

It's not too late to save the planet. Make more conscious decisions toward a healthier environment, and it will encourage your customers to do the same. Show consumers how much your brand cares for the environment in hopes that they'll channel the same and make a difference.

Learn more about the eco-friendly options Firefly Store Solutions can provide for your retail business today.